Tit Neubauer - University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Panel III – Lost mission? The educational role of society organizations.

How can we characterize to role that NGOs can play in our societies? Are they doing well? Not as much as they could, suggests a study observing the situation in Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Poland.

Knut Neumayer - ERSTE Foundation Austria

Carsten Lenk - Robert Bosch Stiftung

Benjamin Barber - on how the economic crisis affects democracy

The economic crisis is not just a financial crisis, it's a democratic crisis. Its a crisis in democratic citizenship - said Benjamin Barber, political theorist at Demos. Because democracy is about trust, the real causality of this economic crisis will not be the economic system, it will be democracy itself.

Fabryka Trzciny: From marmalade, to sneakers, to multimedia culture

fabryka trzciny

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Benjamin Barber on flourishing democracy


Hello from Berlin,

Where we are spoiled by a few more days of sunshine before the next notoriously grey winter will hit us. As we are preparing for the Warsaw conference, we are excited about the prospect of having Benjamin Barber as our keynote speaker. An internationally renowned political theorist, Dr. Barber brings an abiding concern for democracy and citizenship to issues of politics, globalization, culture and education in America and abroad.