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Fabryka Trzciny: From marmalade, to sneakers, to multimedia culture

fabryka trzciny

More about the conference venue.

Coming by train or tram to Fabryka Trzciny

Dear participants,

if you would like to come by train or tram to the conference venue Fabryka Trzciny then take any train from the station "Warszawa Srodmiescie" (200 metres from Warszawa Centralna) direction Warszawa Wschodnia. From here you can switch to the tram Nr 3 "DW. WSCHODNI (KIJOWSKA)" to the station "Kaweczymska-Bazilka".

Klezmerband "Transkapela" will perform at the NECE conference

Transkapela - a Polish band playing Klezmer-Carpathian music - is “an artistic project of four musicians acting in many areas of traditional music, trying to find a new meaning and contemporary context”. These musicians are: Ewa Wasilewska (violin), Robert Wasilewski (cimbalom – hammered dulcimer, viola and tilinka), Maciej Filipczuk (viola, vioara cu guarna) and Piotr Pniewski (cello, drums).

Discovering the neighbourhood "Old Praga" by GPS

Through our geocaching tour on the 17th of November we will discover one of the most interesting districts of Warsaw. Old Praga - located on the right bank of Wisla river is undoubtedly the most authentic part of Polish capital city. Why? Because 64% of its buildings were constructed before the war (Warsaw lost  80% of its genuine architecture during World War II). Furthermore, due to its “off the beaten track” location Praga avoided harmful restoration during the communist period as well as contemporary market-driven development.

Impressions of Fabryka´s neighbourhood - the district "Praga"

The conference venue “Fabryka Trzciny” is placed in the Warsaw district called “Praga”. Already a few month ago we had a walk through the district`s neighbourhood. Here you can get some of our impressions of this interesting area.

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