Call for projects – A lot of interesting assignments

We are offering a lot of interesting and unique assignments for the call for projects. Unfortunately, we cannot publish them all, but we are delighted to present the most outstanding projects on our blog, today:

„Cascading training of turkish youth on conflict and diversity management“

The project focused on educationally disadvantaged groups (youth orphans) in trans-national perspective on the Balkans. It was implemented by the Turkish NGO YURT-YUVA DER,  the Bulgarian NGO “Club Sustainable Development of Civil Society” and the Romanian NGO ECOSENS.

Discovering the neighbourhood "Old Praga" by GPS

Through our geocaching tour on the 17th of November we will discover one of the most interesting districts of Warsaw. Old Praga - located on the right bank of Wisla river is undoubtedly the most authentic part of Polish capital city. Why? Because 64% of its buildings were constructed before the war (Warsaw lost  80% of its genuine architecture during World War II). Furthermore, due to its “off the beaten track” location Praga avoided harmful restoration during the communist period as well as contemporary market-driven development.

Take part at the project market on the NECE Conference

Everyone who participates at the conference and has an interesting project is welcome to present it at the NECE project market. Please send the project information and how would you like to present it (posters, brochures, etc.); until the 26th of October/2011 at

Benjamin Barber on flourishing democracy


Hello from Berlin,

Where we are spoiled by a few more days of sunshine before the next notoriously grey winter will hit us. As we are preparing for the Warsaw conference, we are excited about the prospect of having Benjamin Barber as our keynote speaker. An internationally renowned political theorist, Dr. Barber brings an abiding concern for democracy and citizenship to issues of politics, globalization, culture and education in America and abroad.



Update of the Conference Programme - Project Presentations are chosen

In the last week the project presentations were chosen by the conference hosts. Therefore you find now more information about the workshop session at "Programme" or on the NECE website Next week more information about the different projects will follow - so, please check regularly!

New edition of the NECE Newsletter out now!

This edition focuses on this summer in Europe and lessons to learn for citizenship education. The Spanish political scientist Fernando Vallespin describes the reasons for as well as the course of the youth demonstrations in Madrid, while also discussing other youth protests in Europe. Claudia Lenz and Ana Perona-Fjeldstad from the European Wergeland Centre in Oslo looks back on the terror attack in Norway and the responses to it. Elena A. Begant talks about the work and aims of the Center for Citizenship Education in Slovenia.

Free Entry for Students & Daily Guests/ Reduced conference fee

Please note that the conference fee has been waived for those who participate just one day and for students.
Participation fee for all other participants has been reduced to: 25 €.
We are looking forward to welcome you at this year´s NECE conference.

Jean-Marc Ferry conducts the final key lecture

We are honored to announce that Jean-Marc Ferry, french philosopher and professor in political science and moral philosophy and well known for his dissertations on the post national identity in Europe, is conducting the final key lecture at this year`s NECE conference. Jean-Marc Ferry`s work has been described by Paul Ricoeur as “one of the most important works recently published in the field of social and political philosophy”.

“Networking European Citizenship Education” (NECE): Strengthening a transnational approach to citizenship education

 We thought it would be useful to give a bit more background for all those that are new to the NECE community. “Networking European Citizenship Education” is an initiative launched by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education and other partners across Europe. For many years, the loose network has been aiming at bringing together experts and practitioners from across Europe and the world, form a large variety of backgrounds, and from all walks of life, to strengthen knowledge, share best practice, and join forces on issues related to civic participation.

Welcome from the Moderators

Greetings from Berlin! We are much looking forward to moderating this year’s NECE conference in Warsaw. All over Europe, there is a tendency for citizens to refrain from traditional forms of political participation (such as elections or party membership), turning instead towards new forms of political mobilisation (such as citizens’ movements or refined new social media). A large number of citizens then is simply marginalized from any form of civic participation for social, cultural, gender or religious reasons.



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