Getting to know NECE participants - Ewa Zadrzynska from "Poetry Unites"

Ewa Zadrzynska from "Poetry Unites"

“Maybe this is not a typical project,” says Ewa Zadrzynska and smiles. She is working for the Evens Foundation’s office in Warsaw and comes to the NECE conference with “Poetry Unites – My Favorite Poem”. In this project poetry enthusiasts present their favourite lines before the camera and get their five minutes of fame: the short presentations are shown on Polish public television, at festivals and on other occasions raising attention. Also they are organising a nationwide contest for the best essay on a favourite issue in schools.

Voices from Praga – education perspectives on the spot

Praga district is a place where school plays a special role in the young people’s life. Not only as a provider of formal education, but also as an upbringing institution. How are teachers trying to solve the outside-school problems of their pupils? Major challenges of education in Praga summarises Edyta, a teacher from nearby school.

Coming by train or tram to Fabryka Trzciny

Dear participants,

if you would like to come by train or tram to the conference venue Fabryka Trzciny then take any train from the station "Warszawa Srodmiescie" (200 metres from Warszawa Centralna) direction Warszawa Wschodnia. From here you can switch to the tram Nr 3 "DW. WSCHODNI (KIJOWSKA)" to the station "Kaweczymska-Bazilka".

Road Works on the way to Fabryka

Dear participants,

unfortunately, there are road works on a main road in Praga, which goes directly to the Fabryka Trzciny.
Please have a look at the map what´s the best option to come by car to the conference venue.


Greetings from Praga and our Polish Partners

Kacper Nowacki from the Center for Citizenship Education send us some notes about the district "Praga" in Warsaw, where the conference venue - Fabryka Trzciny - is located:


Only a few days left - We are looking forward to welcome you in Warsaw

Dear all,

only one day is left and this year´s NECE conference will start. We are really looking forward to interesting speakers, contributions, project presentations, discussions and networking.

We expect approx. 250 participants from all over Europe, e.g. Spain, Romania, Moldova, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Latvia , Lithuania, Slovakia, Finland, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary and to not forget Germany and Poland as well. But also people from Japan and Tunisia are interested in this year`s NECE conference topic.

Guiding questions for the workshops: Share your comments!

We would like to draw your attention to the questions that will guide the workshop sessions starting Friday 18 November at 2:30 pm at Fabryka Trzciny.

In the parallel workshop sessions participants will discuss from a practical perspective how educationally disadvantaged groups can be addressed through citizenship education. In each workshop, there will be presentations of projects from all across Europe. Take a look at the list of projects to be presented in the conference programme:

Call for projects – The presented projects at the workshops

We are pleased to announce varied projects from all over Europe. Today, “Library Development Program” (Workshop III):

The Library Development Program is a nationwide project aimed at strengthening the potential of public libraries located in villages and small towns. Thanks to the program, modern and active libraries make it easier for residents to participate in social and economic life.

Call for projects – A lot of interesting assignments

We are offering a lot of interesting and unique assignments for the call for projects. Unfortunately, we cannot publish them all, but we are delighted to present the most outstanding projects on our blog, today: 

„Brokers | Beggars | Bon Vivants, People Making Money, People Made by Money - Introduction to Socio-drama“.

Dj Sofomor (Kamil Babacz) is performing on 18 November 2011

He is – as he calls himself – a natural-born POPtimist. Above all he loves fresh melodies and crazy sounds. His goal is to bring good songs back to the Polish dance floors, and his motto might be “less self-satisfying dj’s “artistic” needs - more good music and good fun.” He plays best songs, but not necessarily only these from the top lists. Often he likes to look for something less known, however during his sets you may hear some popular tunes, stirring refrains and tasty beats.


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