Georg Pirker

Erik Flügge

Arne Busse

Carsten Lenk - Robert Bosch Stiftung

Open Forum. Impressions.

Move around. Get to know each other. Meet new people. Exchange ideas. These were some clues given today to the participants of the Open Forum meetings.

Open forum - impressions from the dark green, yellow, and lila room

Different rooms, different colors, different ideas and opinions - the second day of the conference begun with the Open Forum. In the Theatre Hall one of the theme groups was struggling to point the challenges of Citizenship Education. Discussion started with experience of Czech Republic.

Benjamin Barber - on how the economic crisis affects democracy

The economic crisis is not just a financial crisis, it's a democratic crisis. Its a crisis in democratic citizenship - said Benjamin Barber, political theorist at Demos. Because democracy is about trust, the real causality of this economic crisis will not be the economic system, it will be democracy itself.


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