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Dear all,

we really appreciate your participation in this year´s NECE conference in Warsaw. Thank you for your contributions, fruitful discussions and intensive work within the last three days, which made the conference such successful. Now, we are curious about your opinion and impressions. So, please give us your feedback and take part in the online evaluation for improving our preparations for the next NECE activities.

What’s on your mind? Remarks collected at the final day of the conference.

Three days of intensive work and discussions provide everyone with a lot of impressions, ideas, and food for thought. We have been asking you: What's on you mind? What was your impression, what made you think, what are you taking home, what did you like, and what not? Here are some of the quotes we collected.

Getting to know NECE Projects: Sara Alfia Greco ‘Young Offender Institutions between Social Rehabilitation and Citizenship Education’

Sara Alfia Greco (AGORA, Leibniz University of Hannover)

"I am in prison!" This is the message a young former prisoner felt carrying around even after his release like a tag on the forefront. What does Citizenship Education have to offer for young people in German prisons? The story was told to Sara Alfia Greco from AGORA research group at Leibniz University of Hannover. At the NECE project market she has presented her research project "Young Offender Institutions between Social Rehabilitation and Citizenship Education".

Jean-Marc Ferry - On the crisis' impact on European Identity

More European solidarity is needed to overcome the European crisis - thinkings this further, the crisis also bears a chance for developing democracy in Europe, argues Jean-Marc Ferry, political scientist at the University of Nantes.

Panel III – Lost mission? The educational role of society organizations.

How can we characterize to role that NGOs can play in our societies? Are they doing well? Not as much as they could, suggests a study observing the situation in Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Poland.

Panel II - From Lifelong Learning to Education for Europe: Citizenship education in the EU's new multi-annual financial framework

Richard Deiss from the EU Directorate General of Education and Culture informed about Citizenship Education and Human Rights Education as an issue in the new multi-annual financial framework of the European Union.

Tatjana Meijvogel-Volk - ProDemos, Netherlands

Knut Neumayer - ERSTE Foundation Austria

Panel IV - EU Funding: the “Europe for Citizens” Programme

Are you ready for EU funding? "Europe for Citizens" is a good programm to start with if you are looking for funding for Citizenship Activities.


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