Workshop 1: School and Quality Assurance – Is citizenship education a tool for change of the Roma children's situation?

Two sessions of the workshop gathered people over the problem of educating Roma children.Calin Rus presented program which proved to be successful in Romanian schools. The task for students was to idenity a problem concerning the Roma community, prepare a policy project, and develop a plan how they, as citizens, can influence local authorities to implement this policy. Being involved in this kind of programme offers rich opportunities for reflection and stimulates further participation.

After a concise presentation of current policy, provision and practice in English Schools Arthur Ivatts demonstrated data proving the need for changes in the system. Assuming citizenship education would become a tool for social change teachers should be trained to foster equality of expectation. Role models for disadvantaged groups are crucial, as well as helping young people of all ages to deconstruct social injustice. The speaker emphasized the fact that underachievement is all about motivation – not intelligence.

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