Open Forum. Impressions.

Move around. Get to know each other. Meet new people. Exchange ideas. These were some clues given today to the participants of the Open Forum meetings.

During 1,5 hour our guests could visit three out of six available discussion groups that took place in different parts of Fabryka Trzciny. Each group had its own topic, like contributions, NECE networking  or educational disadvantaged  groups. In every meeting all the participants had few moments to present themselves, and to tell each something about their projects. Thanks to that the Open Forum was not very formal, but more personal than usually conference meetings are, and very straightforward.  We could all see that we share similar problems and questions, and that our projects have a lot in common. However on the other hand we brought with us some different approaches and experiences, thanks to which we can all pass the boarders of our own perspectives. After all that is the actual concept of the NECE meetings – to create an open space, where we can connect some different platforms, methods and points of view.

We had only few minutes to get to know each other, and during this time we all touched some very serious and interesting matters. Luckily the conference doesn’t end today, so we will have much more time to meet again and talk about it all. During all these coffee brakes and within some other occasions we can discuss our common troubles and obstacles. And together we can even bring on some ideas for solutions and further cooperation.

Citizenship Education
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