Fabryka Trzciny: From marmalade, to sneakers, to multimedia culture

fabryka trzciny

“What was this factory used for in previous times?” you might wonder while arriving at the NECE conference venue. Originally constructed in 1916 the building served for the production of marmalade. It is one of the oldest buildings located on Warsaw’s east river bank, in the Praga district.

During World War II the factory was confiscated by German occupiers, later used by the government of the Polish People’s Republic as headquarters of the Polish Rubber Industry PPG. The state company’s acronym has given the Polish synonym for sneakers, “pepegi”. (However, today most young people would say “tenisówki”).

In the year 2000 composer, music and TV producer Wojciech Trzciński bought the factory and reconstructed the 3000 sq.m. building over a period of two years. It was part of the so called “Boom na Prage”, the “Praga Boom” – a period of investment and revitalisation in the old worker’s district starting in 1995. Cafés, nightclubs and bars were opened. If you walk down Ząbkowska or Kawęcyńska road on your way to the conference you can still see advertisement for lofts. With the arrival of new players in the district also more attention was drawn to social initiatives active in the neighbourhoods.

The Fabryka Trzciny is a private cultural venue offering theatrical events, concerts, art exhibitions and book launches. Its ‘University of Free Time’ organizes discussion groups bringing in specialists from different fields. In fact Fabryka Trzciny regards itself as ‘multimedia cultural center’.

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