What’s on your mind? Questions from the Conference Opening

  • What do we have to offer if we can’t be satisfied with the state of democracy as it is?
  • Is citizenship education enough to close the empowerment gap?
  • Is civic education part of the problem? Are we still able to criticise ourselves and are we open enough to give criticism a forum?
  • How can we take care of different minority groups in a ‘collapsing’ system?
  • Why are we dividing society in ‘advantaged’ and ‘disadvantaged’ groups?
  • How to connect different groups with social media and new technologies?
  • We are talking a lot about ‘young, rebellious kids’. What about the rest? What do they think, what do they stand for?  
  • If we want to get the youth engaged - then what for?
  • I’m a teacher and I’m asking myself how I should put across to my non-privileged pupils what I have heard today?
  • Doesn’t it make any difference to invest in civic society and citizenship education if at the end eventually it doesn’t make a difference in the political and global system? Am I too naïve?
Citizenship Education
Conference Day: