Discovering Praga

That is your first time in Warsaw, isn’t it? What do you think of it? How do you like the Praga district? - To catch the first impressions we joined the Geocaching tour through the part of Praga around the conference venue Fabryka Trzciny.

Your main task during this trip was to find five treasures of Praga with the help of GPS devices. Special envelopes were hidden in some significant places, with each you could discover a small part of Praga’s history – short description of a person, place or a local tradition. Thanks to that you had a unique opportunity to see the real face of this specific district.

What were your first impressions? At first they were not that good. “It’s cold” – said someone.  “It’s very nostalgic in here”- added another. “Have all the inhabitants of Praga been informed about our trip? Why is no one on the streets?” Fortunately later on you find out some other things about this part of Warsaw. You were surprised how different it is from the other districts. City Center is full of high-tech skyscrapers and businessmen, Old Town is pretty but jammed with tourists. On the other hand in Praga you can see the real people and their real lives. Every person, every building has its own story that year by year creates the unique atmosphere of this place. Here you can see how the city can grow by itself, not designed by some urbanists, but created by the people who live here.

Everywhere you go in Europe you can find Old Towns, and City Centers. And because usually they all look quite similar you can hardly learn anything about the local culture and the local people’s lives. Praga is different. Here you can breathe Warsaw’s real atmosphere, see where our famous streets bands play. Or have a pint with a local artist or a typical resident. Or two. Have a nice time discovering Praga!

Conference Day: