Voices from Praga – education perspectives on the spot

Just across the street, few steps from Fabryka Trzciny, where our conference is taking place, school day is coming to an end.Edyta works with her pupils on the Christmas cards they want to send to Kenia. – I know even the smallest thing they do has a special meaning for my pupils, is invaluable. Volunteering gives them satisfaction, that they can do something for others. – says Edyta.

Previously she workedin rich and posh district of Warsaw. Now she tries her best in secondary school with integrating classes in Praga. – School here plays somehow unique role in these children’s life. The main problem is parents. We have many children from single parent families or even from children’s home. So school provides not only education but also is the upbringing institution. We are prepared for this role. At the beginning of the first class we organise a series of meetings: class, class tutor and educationalist. Additionally, we have two educationalists, who, as I observe, are very important for children.It’s great feeling, when former pupils visit us (which they do very often) and we see how they changed during education in our school, that they had a really good upbringing.

The major problem in such schools is the lack of money. Financial support would provide pupils with out-of-school education, e.g. school trips, cinema, theater. Being ambitious children enthusiastically take part in every extra activities. – They know that success in school is their chance to “escape” form their social background. So they are eager to participate in competitions and projects. Some of my pupils feel in school like at home, because here is someone who will listen to them, pay them compliments.

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