Greetings from Praga and our Polish Partners

Kacper Nowacki from the Center for Citizenship Education send us some notes about the district "Praga" in Warsaw, where the conference venue - Fabryka Trzciny - is located:

Praga is situated on the right-bank of the River Vistula. Its history goes back over five hundred years. At the beginning, Praga was an autonomous settlement, and given city status in 1648. It became part of Warsaw in 1791. Praga survived from the Second World War. Not many buildings were destroyed. It was also the only part if the City where everyday life went on. For many years after the War it was forgotten and dangerous district. There was no investments or renovations. Houses became run down and cheap. The unique atmosphere, Old factories that were out of use and cheap prices caused that artist started to move in. That has changed a lot. Today, Praga’s exquisite charm and vivid artistic scene attract crowds of Varsovians and tourists alike.

Thanks Kacper. See you in Warsaw soon.