Only a few days left - We are looking forward to welcome you in Warsaw

Dear all,

only one day is left and this year´s NECE conference will start. We are really looking forward to interesting speakers, contributions, project presentations, discussions and networking.

We expect approx. 250 participants from all over Europe, e.g. Spain, Romania, Moldova, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Latvia , Lithuania, Slovakia, Finland, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary and to not forget Germany and Poland as well. But also people from Japan and Tunisia are interested in this year`s NECE conference topic.

So, we are finally prepared and looking forward to welcome you personally at the Fabryka Trzciny on 17 November 2011.

Are you prepared as well? Tell us your expectations within this year´s NECE conference and send us your comments!



I would love to be there but I am taking part in a seminar in Glasgow about lifelong learning and urban governance. My particular interest in citizenship is how volunteers can be trained and supported to make a difference. I helped to set up a government-funded programme for Community Learning Champions in England - you can see films and reports at

Martin Yarnit