Call for projects – A lot of interesting assignments

We are offering a lot of interesting and unique assignments for the call for projects. Unfortunately, we cannot publish them all, but we are delighted to present the most outstanding projects on our blog, today: 

„Brokers | Beggars | Bon Vivants, People Making Money, People Made by Money - Introduction to Socio-drama“.

In this workshop funded by the European union’s Grundtvig programme 16 learners from 9 European countries “dealt” with the issue of money and performed Socio-drama;.The chosen topic reflects a the current financial as well as the fiscal crises and ordinary people’s lack of economic education. The “law of expanding money” as crucial element of our economic system is personified by brokers, confirmed by beggars and altered through the life skills of bon vivants. So money inspires different kinds of behaviour, influenced by values, norms and one’s personal means. We can consider money as an abstraction in economic terms and discuss its place in different social worlds and its different cultural interpretations.

Sophia Bickhardt, Landeszentrale für politische Bildungsarbeit Berlin, Germany