Call for projects – A lot of interesting assignments

We are offering a lot of interesting and unique assignments for the call for projects. Unfortunately, we cannot publish them all, but we are delighted to present the most outstanding projects on our blog, today:

„SchoolDoc “.

SchoolDoc is a project initiated by the UNESCO Center “Aristotelis” and applied to selected high schools (pupils aged 13-15). The project was designed by the UNESCO Center in cooperation with the department of educational programs of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. The project runs every year since 2007. The target of the program is to provide groups of pupils with all the technical information, advice and equipment to allow them to film their own 5-minute-long documentary. The topic of the documentaries is open; however, the participants are encouraged to concentrate on public issues that interest them or the local community in which they live.

Mimikos Petridia, Unesco Center „Aristotelis“, Greece