Klezmerband "Transkapela" will perform at the NECE conference

Transkapela - a Polish band playing Klezmer-Carpathian music - is “an artistic project of four musicians acting in many areas of traditional music, trying to find a new meaning and contemporary context”. These musicians are: Ewa Wasilewska (violin), Robert Wasilewski (cimbalom – hammered dulcimer, viola and tilinka), Maciej Filipczuk (viola, vioara cu guarna) and Piotr Pniewski (cello, drums). What they say about themselves and their music: “Our musical search revolves around the tradition music of various cultural regions: Malopolska, Galicia, Bukovina, Huncul Region, Maramures, Transilvania, in which despite the outer formal distinctions we try to seek its roots, common elements and the timeless values. The source music is an inspiration for our own interpretations and compositions. We form our music not on the basis of limitations but on the traditional patterns, in a creative way.”

If you want to know some more about Transkapela band, and its music – visit the official homepage of the band: www.transkapela.com

Transkapela is performing on 17 November, 9.00 pm at the Fabryka Trzciny after the conference opening.