Call for projects – The presented projects at the workshops

We are pleased to announce varied projects from all over Europe. Today, “Standing on the threshold of Europe ” (Workshop VI):

‘Standing on the Threshold of Europe’ was a transnational project to raise  awareness on the situation migrants have to face when they settle in a country, and to establish – together with migrants – pedagogical material on trajectories of migrants and new forms of attachment and belonging creating in the ‘arrival country’. In France the project aimed at giving migrants tools to express the feelings they had developed about their place of arrival. Through a video training delivered in the framework of their educational course, they gained experience in video, gained confidence in their capacities to express in French and interact with French people outside social workers and achieve in small groups a finished project. In Poland migrants were filmed by video professionals who aimed at giving voice to migrants who are not necessarily heard in Poland and to produce educational videos.

The project will be presented by Niccolo Milanese, European Alternatives, France