„Open Forum“ at NECE 2011: Your chance to contribute!

 Greetings from Berlin.

 This is your chance to get involved with your ideas for the “Open Forum”!

 We are currently preparing the “Open Forum” that will take place Friday morning, November 18 from 9:00 - 10:45 a.m. at our NECE 2011 conference.

 The idea of the Open Forum is to provide space for getting to know each other, as well as exploring Fabryka Trzciny. We will be a big crowd of people with various backgrounds at the conference, so it will be good for people to start meeting, getting to know each other, and exchanging ideas right from the start. Last but no least, the conference hosts are interested in your motivation and expectation concerning the conference and the NECE Network.

 In the Open Forum you will be directed into different parts of Fabryka Trzciny to have short, informal rounds of exchange and discussion. We thought the following three keywords/questions would be very useful to address in these smaller groups:

 Group 1: NECE networking (What are my needs, what is my experience (if at all)?)

 Group 2: Motivation/Expectations (Why am I here?)

 Group 3: Educationally disadvantaged groups( What is the focus of my work?Which groups are educationally disadvantaged groups in my country?)

 Group 4: Open to your suggestions until November 4!

 Group 5: Open to your suggestions until November 4!

 Group 6: Open to your suggestions until November 4!

 We will guide you through the details of the Open Forum method before we kick it off at the conference.

For now, we would much appreciate your contributions for three more topics that you think should be addressed in the Open Forum. Don’t make your suggestions too complex, as the idea is to have quick rounds of discussion that will only be starting points for going deeper into the issues in the afternoon workshops.

 The conference organisers will choose the other three keywords/questions from your suggestions that fit the concept of the conference best

 Just send us your comments and suggestions for topics to be discussed in groups 4, 5, and 6 in the “Comments” function below. Please send them in by 4 November 2011.

 We look forward to your ideas!

 Almut and Matthias





Conference Day: 


I am suggesting the discussion of the problems of the schools that have pupils with different mother languages (children of immigrants)and the way to deal with it. The role of the teachers, their training and the experience of the bilingual classes.