Discovering the neighbourhood "Old Praga" by GPS

Through our geocaching tour on the 17th of November we will discover one of the most interesting districts of Warsaw. Old Praga - located on the right bank of Wisla river is undoubtedly the most authentic part of Polish capital city. Why? Because 64% of its buildings were constructed before the war (Warsaw lost  80% of its genuine architecture during World War II). Furthermore, due to its “off the beaten track” location Praga avoided harmful restoration during the communist period as well as contemporary market-driven development.
Praga has preserved its old, slightly provincial, Warsaw charm. At first sight shabby and neglected, this part of the city retained a strong local identity. Moreover, its traditions and spirit highly influenced Warsaw culture. How? Warsaw dialect had its origins in Praga, sayings and customs of local people became part of Warsaw foklore and Warsaw's cuisine would be incomplete without famous Praga's dishes: pyzy and flaki.
On the 17th of November we will be looking together for hidden treasures of Old Praga: monuments of its glory, testimonies to its origins, evidences of different religious communities living here and places that still shape the identity of local people.
After our tour around the district you will find answers to some important questions: What a distillery has in common with culture, why inner courtyard shrines develop sense of community and how open-air markets become the cornerstone of local identity?

We invite you to take part and enjoy the searching and finding of hidden places by using the geocaching method.
The tour starts at 3:00 pm at the conference venue Fabryka Trzciny.