Thursday, 17 November 2011

02:30 pm
Registration at the Fabryka Trzciny

03:00 pm
Discovering the neighbourhood:

Searching for clues of the past in Warsaw by using the geocaching method (optional)

Conception & Realisation by: Konrad Pruszynski, Expatria (Poland) & the Team of Civis Polonus Foundation (Poland)

Conference moderators:
Almut Möller,
German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) & Matthias Haß, Political Scientist (Germany)

05:00 pm
Welcome Coffee & Networking Forum

05:30 pm
Jacek Michałowski,
Representative of the Chancellery of the Polish President

Thomas Krüger,
Federal Agency For Civic Education (Germany)
Alicja Pacewicz, Centre for Citizenship Education (Poland)

06:30 pm
"Transnationalisation and Post Democratic Structures:
What does it mean for Citizens` Participation and Civil Society in Europe"

Benjamin Barber, Political Theorist (USA)

07:30 pm
Opening Panel
"Closing the empowerment gap through citizenship education
How to address educationally disadvantaged groups"

Benjamin Barber, Political Theorist (USA)
Barbara Malak-Minkiewicz, IEA (the Netherlands)
Andy Williamson,  Expert and Consultant in digital and new media strategies (UK)


Reception & Music Programme with the Polish Klezmerband "Transkapela" at the Fabryka Trzciny

Friday, 18 November 2011

09:00 am
Open Forum: Exchange – Encounter – Getting to know

10:45 am
Coffee Break & Networking Forum

11:15 am
Presentation of "NECE – Networking European Citizenship Education"

Introduced by
Petra Grüne,
Federal Agency for Civic Education (Germany)

Tatjana Meijvogel-Volk,
ProDemos (the Netherlands)

Presentation of the Fellowship Programme "Shaping Europe - Civic Education in Action"

Introduced by
Carsten Lenk,
Robert Bosch Stiftung (Germany)
Christiane Toyka-Seid,
Programme Manager (Germany)

11:30 am
Access to (Citizenship) Education and its Impact for Political and Civic Participation

Erik Flügge, Sinus Sociovision (Germany)
David Kerr, Director of Educational Programmes at the Citizenship Foundation in London (UK)


01:00 pm
Lunch Snack

02:30 pm
Parallel Workshop Session

Workshop 1: Learning Environment – School and Quality Assurance

Calin Rus,
Intercultural Institute Timisoara (Romania)
Arthur Ivatts,
Senior Consultant to the British Department of Children, Schools and Families (UK)

Moderation: Yulia Pererva, Council of Europe (France)
Rapporteur: Kamila Wieczorek,
Center for Citizenship Education (Poland)

Workshop 2: Learning Environment – School and Practice

Marianna Hajdukiewicz,
Center for Citizenship Education (Poland)

Project Presentations

"Transforming children into agents of change": The project aims at exploring the effects of learning, on children in state schools, of radical school models of practice based on rights and democratic participation.
presented by Michael Newman, Summerhill School (UK)

"Citizenship education in multicultural schools: Results of a Project in Berlin and Stuttgart"
presented by Christoph Müller-Hofstede, Federal Agency for Civic Education &
Siamak Ahmadi & Katharina Müller,
Dialog Moderators of the projects (Germany)

Moderation: Alicja Pacewicz, Center for Citizenship Education (Poland)
Rapporteur: Kacper Nowacki,
Center for Citizenship Education (Poland)

Workshop 3: Learning Environment – Community and Urban District Work

Gabriele Recknagel,
Goldsmiths College, University of London (UK)

Project Presentations

The "Library Development Programme" is a nationwide project aimed at strengthening the potential of public libraries located in villages and small towns. Thanks to the programme, modern and active libraries make it easier for residents to participate in social and economic life.
presented by Jacek Krolikowski, Information Society Development Foundation (Poland)

The complex support for disadvantaged schools in Warsaw - a Pilot programme
presented by Katarzyna Zakroczymska, Warszawskie Centrum Innowacji (Poland)

Moderation: Grzegorz Makowski, Institute of Public Affairs (Poland)
Rapporteur: Franco Anzaldi Barrionuevo, University of Hamburg (Germany)

Workshop 4: Learning Environment – Media and Social Networks (Web 2.0)

Peter Dahlgren,
Professor Emeritus of Media and Communication Studies, Lund University (Sweden)
Justyna Hofmokl, Polish Academy of Sciences/ Creative Commons (Poland)

Moderation: Jarosław Lipszyc, Modern Poland Foundation (Poland)
Rapporteur: Christian Baillieux,
NJR het Bureau (the Netherlands)

Workshop 5: Learning Environment – Non-formal Citizenship Education I

Tit Neubauer & Petra Podobnikar,
University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Project Presentations

"Civic Money - Participation in budgeting on the local level": Aim of the project is to support people traditionally passive and excluded from the civic activities in their villages in the process of the Solecki Fund implementation. The idea is learning by doing – getting civic capacities by discussing and making decisions how the public money for the community should be spend.
presented by Barbara Klimek, The Association of Leaders of Local Civic Groups (Poland)

"Aktion 09" was a project on the occasion of the "Superwahljahr 2009" in Germany. The aim was to promote the political participation of youth and young adults between 15 and 25 with an educational or social disadvantaged background. 60 persons from this target group were qualified as multipliers. They were supported in planning and implementing their own political projects to reach out for other disadvantaged people in their community.
presented by Julia Pfinder, Project Manager "Aktion 09" on behalf of the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Germany)

Moderation: Gabriella Patriziano, Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo, VIS (Italy)
Rapporteur: Kalle Kosthorst,
University of Maastricht (the Netherlands)

Workshop 6: Learning Environment – Non-formal Citizenship Education II

Christian Spatscheck,
University of Applied Sciences Bremen (Germany)

Project Presentations

"Child Trafficking Response Program (CTRP)": The overall goal is to establish effective models of support and protection to at risk and trafficked children in order to prevent violence, exploitation and abuse and minimize unsafe child migration.
presented by Lora Lalova, Partners Bulgaria Foundation (Bulgaria)

"Standing on the threshold of Europe" was a trans-national project to raise awareness on the situation migrants have to face when they settle in a country, and to establish – together with migrants – pedagogical material on trajectories of migrants and new forms of attachment and belonging creating in the ‘arrival country’.
presented by Niccolo Milanese, European Alternatives (France)

Moderation: Tatjana Meijvogel-Volk, ProDemos (the Netherlands)
Rapporteur: Chana van der Velden,
NJR het Bureu (the Netherlands)

Workshop 7: Learning Environment – Vocational Training

Tony Breslin,
Breslin Public Policy Ltd. (UK)

Project Presentations

"VOICE" - Developing citizens. Innovative strategies for EDC with deprivileged students in vocational schools by using competencies orientated problem-based learning methodology.
presented by Elena A. Begant, Centre for Citizenship Education (Slovenia)

"14 plus"
presented by Oliver Steinke, Organisation for the Economic Development of Skilled Trades SMEs (LGH) in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)

Moderation: Bryony Hoskins, University of Southampton (UK)
Rapporteur: Katharina Ludwig,
Freelance Journalist (Germany)

Workshop 8: Learning Method – a playful Access to Citizenship Education
                      (Outdoor, 2.30 – 6.00 pm)

Parallel to the indoor workshop session the participants have the opportunity to participate in an "Urban Game for Citizenship Education". The goal of this workshop is to show the usefulness of urban games as a method of teaching democratic values and how such a method can support the access of educationally disadvantaged groups to citizenship education.

Conception & Realisation, Inputs/ Moderation by: Olga Napiontek & Marcin Mitzner, Civis Polonus Foundation (Poland), Katarzyna Lorenc, an alumna of the fellowship programme "Shaping Europe - Civic Education in Action"  (Germany) & Mateusz Fałkowski, Max-Weber-Kolleg, Erfurt University (Germany)

04:00 pm
Coffee Break

04:30 pm
Rerun of the Parallel Workshop Session 1-7

06:00 pm

06:30 pm
Impressions and Results of the Day

07:30 pm
Dinner buffet

Music Programme with DJ Kamil Babacz at the Fabryka Trzciny

Saturday, 19 November 2011

09:30 am
Networking Panels

I) Advocacy Strategies - Empowering Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education by cooperating with European intergovernmental organisations

Yulia Pererva, Council of Europe (France)
Pavel Chacuk, Expert/ODIHR (Poland)
Moderation: Georg Pirker, DARE Network (Europe)


II) From Lifelong Learning to Education for Europe - Citizenship Education and
Human Rights Education as an issue in the new multi-annual financial framework of the European Union

Richard Deiss, European Commission (Belgium)
Aydan Iyinguengör, European Union – Agency for Fundamental Rights (Austria)

Moderation: Györgyi Toth, Active Citizenship Foundation (Hungary)

III) Lost mission? The educational role of civil society organisations (CSO) in Central and Eastern Europe

Krisztina Arató, ELTE University (Hungary)
Matej Cepin,
Social Academy (Slovenia)
Petia Kabakchieva,
Bulgarian Academy of Science (Bulgaria)
Grzegorz Makowski,
Institute for Public Affairs (Poland)

Moderation: Agata Tomaszewska,
Polish Donors Forum (Poland)

IV) EU Funding – the “Europe for Citizens” Programme

Marta Dąbrowska, Europe for Citizens Point (Poland)

11:00 am
Coffee Break

11:30 am
Key Lecture
(in French, simultaneous translation in English will be provided)
Perspectives of Equality and Civic Participation in a Global Society
Jean-Marc Ferry, University of Nantes (France)

12:30 pm
Farewell by the organisers

Petra Grüne, Federal Agency for Civic Education (Germany)

Tatjana Meijvogel-Volk, ProDemos (the Netherlands)

Alicja Pacewicz, Centre for Citizenship Education (Poland)

Lunch Snack

02:00 pm
Sightseeing Tour (optional)