Further Papers of Speakers available - NECE Conference Documentation

Dear all,

we are pleased to announce that within the framework of the NECE conference documentation more and more papers are available at the NECE Website www.nece.eu.

Now, you find here the reports of the different workshop sessions - many thanks to our rapporteurs! - as well as the paper of Erik Flügge concerning his contribution of the social milieu approach.
Also, papers regarding the inputs in the different workshops are available now:
Workshop 2 - Marianna Hajdukiewicz, Center for Citizenship Education;
Workshop 4 - Peter Dahlgren, Professor Emeritus of Media and Communication Studies, Lund University (Sweden);
Workshop 5 - Tit Neubauer & Petra Podobnikar, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia);
Workshop 6 - Christian Spatscheck, University of Applied Sciences Bremen (Germany) and
Workshop 7 - Tony Breslin, Breslin Public Policy Ltd. (UK)

If you missed the Geocaching tour and Urban Game (Outdoor) Workshop you can find at the NECE Website the summaries of these programme points as well as background materials.

A conference report written by our conference moderators, Almut Möller and Matthias Haß, you can find in the recent issue of
the NECE Newsletter 03/11 that was published on 22 December 2011. Check it out at: www.nece.eu

Concerning the keynote speeches of Benjamin R. Barber and Jean-Marc Ferry we would like to ask you kindly for some patience.
We are working hard on the transcription at the moment and hope that we can present their final papers at the NECE Website
as soon as possible.

Plans for upcoming NECE activities are recently in progress. Within the next weeks we will let you know more about the NECE events in 2012.

So, check regularly the NECE website at www.nece.eu to stay informed.