Workshop 6 - Learning Environment – Non-formal Citizenship Education II

Citizenship education offerings will only achieve their aim when they meet the needs and interests of, and strike a chord with, the people they intend to reach out for. Accordingly, knowledge of values, attitudes, living environments and life circumstances of the different target groups is an indispensable requirement for devising and positioning educational offerings. In this context, life-world and social environment-based approaches were considered during this workshop, from youth social work on the one, and as a learning environment on the other hand, in order to determine what contribution these approaches can render to reach educationally excluded target groups in extracurricular citizenship education.

Two project presentations followed the input by Christian Spatscheck from the University of Applied Sciences Bremen (Germany): The first project, "Child Trafficking Response Program" (CTRP), was presented by Lora Lalova from the Partners Bulgaria Foundation. The overall goal is to establish effective models of support and protection to children at risk and trafficked children in order to prevent violence, exploitation and abuse and minimize unsafe child migration.
"Standing on the Treshold of Europe" was a trans-national project, presented by Niccolo Milanese from European Alternatives in France,  to raise awareness on the situation migrants have to face when they settle in a country, and to establish – together with migrants – pedagogical material on trajectories of migrants and new forms of attachment and belonging creating in the ‘arrival country’.

The input and both projects factsheets are provided below.

Learning Environments
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