Workshop 4: Learning Environment – Media and Social Networks (Web 2.0)

The expansion of digital technologies and the capabilities offered by Web.2.0 for political and civic participation have raised the question of a digital divide, leading to new kinds of social and educational inequalities. Digital technologies present formal and non-formal citizenship education with new challenges. One is how teachers might incorporate new technologies into their teaching in ways that enhance opportunities and capabilities to learn. The second is how to deal with the 'digital divide' inside and outside educational institutions. How can citizenship education reach educationally disadvantaged target groups by using digital technologies and social media?

The project presented by Peter Lange from Dresden Technical University (Germany) during this workshop was "Du hast die Macht" ("You've got the power), an internetplatform for youth empowerment. The project is a web-based approach to citizenship education funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation and implemented through UFA Film & TV Production. The project's aim is to connect with educationally disadvanteged groups via new web-based channels. More information on the projects can be found in the attached factsheet.

Web 2.0
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