Workshop 3: Learning Environment - Community and Urban District Work

How can strategic alliances in urban district work and community development be utilised in order to reach educationally disadvantaged groups? What opportunities are afforded by the community as an informal learning environment for empowerment, the forging of networks and the strengthening of local communities? The workshop considered potential and experiences by means of brief expert talks and the presentation of good practice models. The input by Gabriele Recknagel from Goldsmiths College, University of London (UK), was followed by two project presentations:

The "Library Development Programme" is a nationwide project aimed at strengthening the potential of public libraries located in villages and small towns. Thanks to the programme, modern and active libraries make it easier for residents to participate in social and economic life. The project was presented by Jacek Krolikowski from the Information Society Development Foundation (Poland). Learn more about the project in this article.

"The complex support of disadvantaged schools in Warsaw - a Pilot programme": The project addresses schools acting in environments with high unemployment, social pathologies and families with parental care problems. It assumes a formulation of a wide programme of support for the whole school environment by the competence training for teachers. The project was presented by Katarzyna Zakroczymska from the Warsaw Center for Socio-Economic Innovation and Training in Poland.

Attached you can find factsheets of both projects.

Disadvantaged Groups
Conference Day: