NECE 2011 Warsaw Tour!

During the last day of the conference we had a great opportunity to finally see some parts of Warsaw that we haven’t had any opportunities to visit before.

Divided into two groups we went on foot and by bus to two great tours prepared for us by a Adventure Warsaw Tours & Trips. During them we could see the socialist face of Warsaw – walk on the MDM  - socialist style representative alley and visit some old backyards to see deep changes between pre-war city and its communist rework. Few of this yards were also silent witnesses of a great tragedy - the Warsaw ’44 Uprising, what we could see by some still un-patched bullet holes and other remains. After that we went to see “Stalin’s Gift” – the tallest and ugliest building in Poland – Palace of Culture and Science (also known as a “Dream of a Crazy Pastry-Cook”). Close to the Palace we found preceding remains of the last street of the Jewish Ghetto, and heard its moving story.

Here you can see some pictures of our tour:

The last part of the trip was a visit in the Retrospekcja – traditional Warsaw bar at the very old and famous district Mariensztat. That is where everybody could relax, and talk together over a pint of a good beer, or even sometimes a shot of a traditional polish vodka (necessarily with a cucumber).

We all hope that next year NECE conference will be as good as this one. Cheers!  

Conference Day: