What’s on your mind? Remarks collected at the final day of the conference.

Three days of intensive work and discussions provide everyone with a lot of impressions, ideas, and food for thought. We have been asking you: What's on you mind? What was your impression, what made you think, what are you taking home, what did you like, and what not? Here are some of the quotes we collected.

  • "Citizenship education is not about educating people to become either subversive or approving citizens but to make young people politically literate.
  • I became aware of the importance of sharing. We have to keep the network open.
  • Citizenship education is not enough to save democracy in Europe.
  • We are talking a lot about ‘underachievers’, but what’s with the ‘high-performers’ that are also ignorant to citizenship education?
  • Citizenship education should question the existing political order and set ground for participation, so that young people have real opportunities of involvement in political processes.
  • Currently the European Union has no competences concerning education. I’m wondering what role NECE could play in this context.
  • I’m a trainer looking for a balance between theory and practice. So what do we do know?
  • I was surprised that private debates about the financial crisis doubting the fundamentals of our system have arrived in the context of citizenship education. We have to keep on asking these questions of legitimacy.
  • We’ve all seen a lot of passion during this conference. Now he have to think how can we use it to drive the Network when the conference is finished.
  • NECE gave us a lot of energy to fight our fights back home, where very often citizenship education is marginalized. NECE empowered us here, but how can it help us during that time that we have left before the next conference.
  • I wished, David Kerr would have shown more of his personal opinions and argumentation during his presentation, not just refer to the results of his studies. (learn more about the project)
  • Next NECE conference should be more school-friendly. This year's originators  preparing our meeting were thinking mostly of NGOs and other institutions, without much focus on the teacher’s point of view.
  • Summerhill is based on a very old, and very controversial concept. (learn more about the project)
  • The richness and breath of the debate was amazing.
  • The bpb project was very interesting. (learn more about the project)
  • It was a great time, where politics, practice and research were brought together.
  • Thanks to many presentations of sometimes so very different approaches we could  see the diversity of points of views. It is undoubtedly very important to talk about how differently we all think about same issues."

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