Panel IV - EU Funding: the “Europe for Citizens” Programme

You have had interesting discussions with people across Europe during the workshops and coffee breaks, and got an idea for a future project? Then maybe now it’s time to connect the dots and ask yourself if you are ready to apply for EU funding.

This morning’s Networking Panel IV set up the framework for doing so. Marta Dąbrowska introduced the ‘Europe for Citizens’ funding scheme and encouraged especially people active in civil society organisations and those working for NGOs, trade unions or think tanks to consider an application.

There are four so called 'Actions', e.g. Active European Remembrance or Active Civil society, for which organisations can apply funding. Funding is available not only for a cooperation with European partners, it is also possible to start a European network – networking an idea across Europe. Partners from at least 2 or 3 EU countries are an essential condition (additional European or national partners are possible). Most applicaants not receiving funding have problems regarding this point. In general the rate of successful applications is high though, says Ms. Dąbrowska and the National Contact Points can also provide help in the searching for partners.

The programme operates Europe for Citizens Contact Points in all EU countries. Ms. Dąbrowska is working for the Polish Contact Point.

Next deadlines for application in 2012 are February 1, June 1 and Sepember 1.

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