Discovering Praga

That is your first time in Warsaw, isn’t it? What do you think of it? How do you like the Praga district? - To catch the first impressions we joined the Geocaching tour through the part of Praga around the conference venue Fabryka Trzciny.

Opening panel - Barbara Malak-Minkiewicz (IEA)

"I am worried about the 'alienated youth'", says Barbara Malak-Minkiewicz, "young people who don't have ideas, neather knowlegde nor an opinion. This concerns me. Democracy would be better off if we created a system of education where the educationally priviledged would care about the deprived, and where those who are on the verge of dropping out from school would learn how to be active participants and express their opinion."

Getting to know NECE projects – Jacek Królikowski for the “Library Development Program”

Jacek Królikowski

“It’s not as simple as saying that everything is available on the Internet” opens Jacek Królikowski our conversation about his interest in civic education. “Some people are not online, some are not even using a personal computer.” The Library Development Program, which Mr. Królikowski is presenting at this NECE conference, aims at helping libraries in rural Poland to transfer to cultural centers for community needs.

Getting to know NECE participants - Ewa Zadrzynska from "Poetry Unites"

Ewa Zadrzynska from "Poetry Unites"

“Maybe this is not a typical project,” says Ewa Zadrzynska and smiles. She is working for the Evens Foundation’s office in Warsaw and comes to the NECE conference with “Poetry Unites – My Favorite Poem”. In this project poetry enthusiasts present their favourite lines before the camera and get their five minutes of fame: the short presentations are shown on Polish public television, at festivals and on other occasions raising attention. Also they are organising a nationwide contest for the best essay on a favourite issue in schools.

Voices from Praga – education perspectives on the spot

Praga district is a place where school plays a special role in the young people’s life. Not only as a provider of formal education, but also as an upbringing institution. How are teachers trying to solve the outside-school problems of their pupils? Major challenges of education in Praga summarises Edyta, a teacher from nearby school.

Greetings from Praga and our Polish Partners

Kacper Nowacki from the Center for Citizenship Education send us some notes about the district "Praga" in Warsaw, where the conference venue - Fabryka Trzciny - is located:


Guiding questions for the workshops: Share your comments!

We would like to draw your attention to the questions that will guide the workshop sessions starting Friday 18 November at 2:30 pm at Fabryka Trzciny.

In the parallel workshop sessions participants will discuss from a practical perspective how educationally disadvantaged groups can be addressed through citizenship education. In each workshop, there will be presentations of projects from all across Europe. Take a look at the list of projects to be presented in the conference programme:

Klezmerband "Transkapela" will perform at the NECE conference

Transkapela - a Polish band playing Klezmer-Carpathian music - is “an artistic project of four musicians acting in many areas of traditional music, trying to find a new meaning and contemporary context”. These musicians are: Ewa Wasilewska (violin), Robert Wasilewski (cimbalom – hammered dulcimer, viola and tilinka), Maciej Filipczuk (viola, vioara cu guarna) and Piotr Pniewski (cello, drums).

Outdoor Workshop: Learning method - a playful Access to Citizenship Education

The goal of the workshop is to show urban games as a useful method of teaching democratic values.

The urban game as a method of education gives both the educators and the games participants great learning possibilities. Not only does it change reception of the city itself but also it teaches how to work in a group, how to think in a more open and creative way. Games could also be the way to teach different values (such as civil courage) or history knowledge and much more.

Take part at the project market on the NECE Conference

Everyone who participates at the conference and has an interesting project is welcome to present it at the NECE project market. Please send the project information and how would you like to present it (posters, brochures, etc.); until the 26th of October/2011 at